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Do you like going to a fancy restaurant and ordering for steak and shells together with other meals like drinks and potatoes? You may discover that you cannot reproduce what you get at home with Steller results. The best western steakhouse in Kuala Lumpur know the secret of their operations and some of them are shared here.

The Grade

Top western restaurant in KL serves the most expensive and best beef grades. Prime grade beef is close to 2 per cent of the entire beef production in the region. The high demand for high-quality beef means that consumers cannot easily buy it at the local restaurant. It is hard to find this meat on the market. You can find the best wagyu beef in Kuala Lumpur at a leading restaurant. These restaurants prepare high-quality steak meat, especially for romantic dinners.

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The Aging

The best place to have a candlelight dinner in KL will age the beef so as to enhance the tenderness of its cut and intensify the flavour. By ageing, you will allow the meat to rest in environments that are highly controlled for several weeks or days. It is very hard to an average person to perform this process and you risk food poisoning or spoilage if you try it at home. However, we have people who supply aged meat in the market but the best place to get it is the steakhouse in Kuala Lumpur.

The Seasoning

The best steaks always require some little seasoning. The main seasoning elements of steak are butter, parsley, kosher or sea salt, and black pepper. You have to add all of them at the right time to get the best results.

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The Equipment

Some of the best wagyu beef in Malaysia’s restaurant normally boil their steaks. You can find a few grills out there and most of them will prepare as per your desires. The restaurants use infrared, overhead boilers that deliver incredible temperatures for cooking the steaks. All you need is the high heat that is in direct contact with your meat.

The Pan

The steaks best friend in a cheap cast iron pan because they have heavy metals that can hold a lot of heat. The intensity of the heat will cook hot and fast enough to give it a perfect preparation. You have to start by pre-hitting the pan to the hottest level. The amount of time you pre-hit the pan depends on how you wish to prepare your steak. The process is smoke-filled and best restaurants do it on the side banner to avoid filling the whole restaurant with smoke.  Just give the steak house in Malaysia your expectations and they will comply accordingly.

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The Process

The process expects you to use metal pieces that are heated to very high temperatures. Chefs are extremely careful because the process comes with possible fire, smoke or splattering. The pan will sear the meat surface and begin to melt the fat with immediate effect. The fat will fry the surface of the meat and cause caramelization. This is what gives the meat a sweet taste and gives you a truly romantic dinner. Adding butter brings more fat to the process and the rich-butter flavour to your meat.

The Experience

Steak cooking relies on a high level of experience and the best place candle dinner relies on this. Don’t allow anyone who is not experienced to prepare this meal for you. The steak house in Kuala Lumpur prepares everything on time. Practice makes perfect and this is what these professionals rely on.