The Secrets Of Best Steak House in Kuala Lumpur (KL)

the steakhouse kl

Do you like going to a fancy restaurant and ordering for steak and shells together with other meals like drinks and potatoes? You may discover that you cannot reproduce what you get at home with Steller results. The best western steakhouse in Kuala Lumpur know the secret of their operations and some of them are shared here.

The Grade

Top western restaurant in KL serves the most expensive and best beef grades. Prime grade beef is close to 2 per cent of the entire beef production in the region. The high demand for high-quality beef means that consumers cannot easily buy it at the local restaurant. It is hard to find this meat on the market. You can find the best wagyu beef in Kuala Lumpur at a leading restaurant. These restaurants prepare high-quality steak meat, especially for romantic dinners.

candle light dinner kuala lumpur

The Aging

The best place to have a candlelight dinner in KL will age the beef so as to enhance the tenderness of its cut and intensify the flavour. By ageing, you will allow the meat to rest in environments that are highly controlled for several weeks or days. It is very hard to an average person to perform this process and you risk food poisoning or spoilage if you try it at home. However, we have people who supply aged meat in the market but the best place to get it is the steakhouse in Kuala Lumpur.

The Seasoning

The best steaks always require some little seasoning. The main seasoning elements of steak are butter, parsley, kosher or sea salt, and black pepper. You have to add all of them at the right time to get the best results.

wagyu beef kl

The Equipment

Some of the best wagyu beef in Malaysia’s restaurant normally boil their steaks. You can find a few grills out there and most of them will prepare as per your desires. The restaurants use infrared, overhead boilers that deliver incredible temperatures for cooking the steaks. All you need is the high heat that is in direct contact with your meat.

The Pan

The steaks best friend in a cheap cast iron pan because they have heavy metals that can hold a lot of heat. The intensity of the heat will cook hot and fast enough to give it a perfect preparation. You have to start by pre-hitting the pan to the hottest level. The amount of time you pre-hit the pan depends on how you wish to prepare your steak. The process is smoke-filled and best restaurants do it on the side banner to avoid filling the whole restaurant with smoke.  Just give the steak house in Malaysia your expectations and they will comply accordingly.

romantic dinner kuala lumpur

The Process

The process expects you to use metal pieces that are heated to very high temperatures. Chefs are extremely careful because the process comes with possible fire, smoke or splattering. The pan will sear the meat surface and begin to melt the fat with immediate effect. The fat will fry the surface of the meat and cause caramelization. This is what gives the meat a sweet taste and gives you a truly romantic dinner. Adding butter brings more fat to the process and the rich-butter flavour to your meat.

The Experience

Steak cooking relies on a high level of experience and the best place candle dinner relies on this. Don’t allow anyone who is not experienced to prepare this meal for you. The steak house in Kuala Lumpur prepares everything on time. Practice makes perfect and this is what these professionals rely on.

Recommended Rooms for Rent Near Sunway Pyramid

Are you looking for a room to rent in the area of Sunway? Renting a room has always been an obstacle and the most important things for every “room-seeker. This is because looking for an ideal room for rent in Bandar Sunway with affordable price is a real challenge.

Lucky for you! Here are some recommendations for you to browse for your potential room to rent in Bandar Sunway. Hope these recommendations could help to look for La Costa Sunway room for rent.

lacosta sunway room for rent

  1. La Costa Sunway

There are several aspects if you would like to rent the room near La Costa Sunway.

Firstly, the strategic location to the private institutions likes Sunway University and Monarch University. Therefore, La Costa Sunway is suitable for the student from other states or exchange student from the overseas.  There is a room for rent which as low as RM 650 per month.

In addition, the room also will be covered with fast-speed Wi-Fi 100 Mbps. La Costa Sunway also surrounded by numerous restaurants including the “24-hour Mamak restaurant”. So, don’t worry if you get famish in the middle of the night.

La Costa Sunway is equipped with the classy facilities like sandy beach pool, Jacuzzi, sky garden and Olympic-length pool. La Costa was inspired to be a Lakeside lifestyle as a pristine 28-acre lake surrounded by the natural green that create a relaxing backdrop.

The neighbourhood of La Costa Sunway including:

  • 9 min drive to Sunway Pyramid
  • 9 mins drive to Sunway University
  • 9 mins to Sunway Lagoon
  • Easy access to Federal Highway
  • Easy access to Damansara – Puchong Expressway (LDP)

sunway south quay room for rent

  1. Sunway South Quay

Sunway South Quay is one of the Sunway Group higher-end residential areas that had developed the district of Bandar Sunway to the wide extent. That makes the price of Sunway South Quay room for rent is a little bit expensive which around RM 800.

The attraction of Sunway South Quay including

  • It is really in central of Bandar Sunway.
  • Nice design and a good master plan.
  • It has a nice looking lake.

The amenities of Sunway South Quay also are including the Olympic size pool, Gymnasium, Jacuzzi, Sky Garden, Sandy Beach pool, Tennis Court and BBQ Check.

Sunway South Quay is in the vicinity of 6 major highway including Federal Highway, New Pantai Expressway (NPE), Shah Alam Expressway (KESAS), New Klang Expressway, ELITE Highway and as well as Damansara-Puchong Highway (LDP). In addition, its only takes a 7 minutes’ drive to Seri Setia KTM Komuter Station.

bandar sunway room for rent

  1. Sunway Pyramid Area

Sunway Pyramid is known to be one of the popular locations among the youngsters and young adults. The main reason is that the location is not only strategically placed but also for the development of tourist attraction such as the Malaysian first themed shopping-entertainment mall and Sunway Lagoon.

In addition, the strategic location placed in the vicinity of the private institution like Sunway University and Monash University is one of the factors that make it a become a popular spot among the teenagers.

Another attraction for Sunway Pyramid is the location can be accessible by RapidKL buses as well as the mall is connected to the Sunway Lagoon BRT station. The rail connection also connected to Subang Skypark which is through Skypark Link via Subang Jaya station.

Thus, the strategic locations make numerous rooms for rent near Sunway Pyramid that targeted mainly the students. The price for rental also is considered affordable for student price which can go as low RM 450 fully furnished room. The price definitely will be the main factor as the rental with the affordable price will be the main priority for the student.

This also could provide more choices to the students instead of just searching for a room for rent near Sunway University or room for rent near Monash University Malaysia as the room for rent could be limited due to the high demand.


Always be smart in choosing the right house to rent by doing a little bit of research about your ideal room to rent with the affordable price. Hope this recommendation will able to help you to sort out for the best answer.


How to Choose A Best Italian Restaurant in Kuala Lumpur

fine dining restaurant in kl

Choosing the best Italian restaurant in Kuala Lumpur can be a time-consuming and tough task. This can be more challenging if you will be visiting that place for the very first time. There are several hotels in Kuala Lumpur that you can choose from. It can be hard to determine the one that will meet your needs most and give you value for your hard-earned income. The hotel you pick will either make or break your dinner. It is good to identify the best Italian restaurant near KLCC for you and your loved one.

The first important thing to consider when choosing the best Italian restaurant in Kuala Lumpur is its location. You need to choose the one that is strategically located for your dinner evening. You may not need a lot of noise interferences during candlelight dinner. Location is key because it will determine whether you are going to enjoy Kuala Lumpur nightlife or not. Choose a hotel that is easy to access and will give you the best view of the town. You don’t want to choose a hotel that one or both of you will find it hard to access. You also don’t choose a place whose surrounding is dull and will make the whole experience boring. A place that has so many activities may also not be the best for you. Apart from that, a rooftop bar also can be a nice place for happy hour in KL. You may enjoy cheap beer KL during happy hour. Normally there will be crowded during after work.

romantic dinner in kl

The other thing to look at is the amenities that the hotel of your choice offers. Make sure you understand the amenities that you will require and the ones you can do without. In case you want to spend in the hotel that night, make sure it has the right room for your choice. Look at the menu to ensure that it has what both of you would like to have for the dinner. The room should be full of candles to make your dinner night a reality. You may also want other accessories like swimming pools, Wi-Fi, and gyms just to name a few. It all depends on what you want for your evening. People have different desires and you need to get what will meet your needs with a high level of precision. All in all, a romantic dining place will not miss candles. Look at what the restaurant and don’t settle for anything that is less than the best.

ladies night kl

You also need to strike a balance between price and quality. The truth of the matter is that you cannot go beyond your budget. You need to find a place that is within your reach. Cheap is not always when looking for the best fine dining restaurant in KL. The most important thing is to get value for your money. look for a hotel that will give you the best value for money. You will need the best quality food and reception at the most competitive prices.  There is no need to consume high drinks when you can get cheap beer in Malaysia for the same quality. Balance these two elements so as to get the best service that the hospitality industry has to present your way.

You can do an online search to get the best candlelight dinner in KL. There are several places that offer these services but they differ in quality or service and pricing. Strive to get a place that will give you nothing less than the best.

Pieces of Furniture Malaysia that Every Home Space Needs

Decorating a fashionable household is important, as household owners should not disregard its functional aspects. It is because striking may appeal to our senses but not giving us the comfort in the long run.

Therefore, household owners that have small homes should often find themselves in a real fix over the choosing phase of furniture. In the meantime, household owners also often heard questions like the bedroom space is limited and what kind of bed frame Malaysia should I consider on.

sofa bed malaysia

Sofa Bed

Due to the technology advancement, currently, all furniture consists of multifunctional features which allow saving space for small homes. In this case, furniture suppliers offer the stylish sofa bed in Malaysia that not only comes with outlooks but with the best comfort for household owners to use it for the entire evening and rest on an entire night. In order words, instead of simply opting for a fashionable sofa in Malaysia, buy a stylish sofa that can be converting into a comfortable bed at night.

tv cabinet malaysia

TV Cabinet

In these modern days, there are many designs of Malaysia TV cabinets built with its versatile nature that are modular furniture greatly converted in contemporary style. It has the ability to allow household owners to see through versions, not only it helps to resolve several storage concerns; but its aid to make the living room space looks neater and modernized. In fact, they seem to take less space than traditional shelving system that has wide structure design.

dining table malaysia

Dining Table

Dining table Malaysia is made extendable for small homes, in order to saves up space in the dining room. It is important to select appropriate pieces of dining table set to avoid making a dining room space looks like a dump and consistently becoming lack of space. Despite this, the fear of inviting friends and families to the house due to a cluttered and awful dining space will be a hassle, whereby it can be avoided when selecting for an extendable dining table in Malaysia that helps make household owners need to worry for surprise visits.

lighting malaysia

Don’t Forget the Importance of Lighting

Selecting an appropriate lighting in Malaysia homes is relatively important in the living room, as well as bedroom and kitchen. Household owners have to ensure that the lighting matches accordingly to space interior designs to create an astonishing interior outlook.

In Malaysia, there are many lighting shops in Malaysia that household owners can spend some time to look into their lighting and decide to buy the most preferred lighting set to suits the household environment.

Besides that, if a household owner does not have any ideas on what kind of setting is suitable for the home, there are always several catalogues that have many examples of how to set up. In fact, household owners also can ask bits of advice from lighting supplier in Malaysia for a more precise lighting set to be fixed in a home space. It is because they generally work in this industry that has a knowledge based on lightning sets compatibility.

How Online Flower Delivery Kuala Lumpur Works

flower delivery kl

Generations to generations, flower plays an important role in expressing humans’ emotion to one another. Online florist purpose is built for the florist to sell flowers online who packs all sorts of features into their WebPages content and messages.

Fairly recent introduction of KL florist delivery services, many individuals may be wondering how online flower delivery Kuala Lumpur works. These are the frequently asked question such as;

  • Where does the flower come from?
  • If my order is executed by a third party, to whom will I make my credit card fee?
  • Do flowers spend three days as a means of transportation getting dehydrated and floppy?

In this article, the common questions about online florists’ purpose above will be answered.

kl florist delivery

  1. Where Does The Flower Come From?

Several online flower delivery in Kuala Lumpur has the contract with local florists to execute their orders in which it is told on the website that the order will be carried out by an affiliated florist.

This means that the order made online is being transmitted electronically to local florists, which will make up flower arrangement and deliver it from their services offerings.

On top of that, many of the arrangements made online from the visual content offered will not be an exact arrangement of the flowers will receive in fact, if an ordered for a specific arrangement in such of; stuffed toys or particular container, Memories’ flower contract offers the exact arrangement. However, a general arrangement like seasonal tulips or lilies, the florist may adjust the arrangement slightly different from it visual content on the website.

Besides that, online florist has multiple distribution centres across the nation which is how they ship orders directly in fact, the flower is mainly sourced from out-of-town flower farms to inside-out of Malaysia.

In transporting the flowers to florist centres are usually not offered in arrangements and shipped in boxes due to minimizing light and temperature fluctuations which that factors will cause a flower to decay quickly.

Bear in mind that, when a receiver receives the flowers, snip the stems and put them in warm water which they will begin to liven up within few hours.

  1. Who Execute Credit Card Fees?

In this context, the order is sub-contracted to a local flower delivery KL, the website ordered from will accept the payment directly and make consensus with Memories.

florist delivery kl

  1. How long are the flowers in transit?

In this circumstance, it is dependent on the transit destination which the current online flower delivery Kuala Lumpur sites offers worldwide delivery, in fact, it means a longer transit time for flowers to be in transport cargo unless there happen to be a contracted local florist at or near the designated at the city Kuala Lumpur. Memories, also have branches of partnership with the local florist in order to easily be remote in such as KL, Perak, Ipoh, Sabah and Sarawak

This provides a potential for the florist to have the ability in offering fresher flowers to customers in different geographical locations.

Qualities of a Leading Second Hand Bag Supplier Retailer

There are so many retailers who deal in second hand bags. The challenge could be getting one who will give you the best service. You can take a lot of time to identify the best place to buy your second-hand designer bag especially of you don’t know what to look for. The primary intention of this article is to assist you in identifying the best second hand designer bags dealer in Louis Vuitton.


The very first thing you need to look for while shopping for a second-hand designer bag in Louis Vuitton is the variety. Always go for a supplier who has a broad range of products that you can make your choice from. The challenge of a store that has a limited supply of products is that you may not get the best item. The first thing to look at when dealing with quality is style. Get second hand Louis Vuitton bags that have different shapes and designs. You may come across a design that you have never seen or imagined. Therefore, going for a shop that has a broad range of designs serves as an eye opener.

You also need to look at the colors and sizes as you think of the design. most online stores will always display the styles they have on their website. Make sure you confirm that the product is in stock before you place your order. The good thing is that some stores whether the product is out of stock. However, they can always place a special order for you as long as the bag is still available on the market. some shops have designers who make custom made designer bags for their clients. Make sure you understand all these facts before you move on with your purchase.

Customer Service

All businesses require customer service to thrive and Louis Vuitton is not an exemption. First, how long does the retail store take to respond to your quarries. You need a retailer who has the interests of the clients at heart. Confirm how long it will take the entity to deliver your product especially when you are ordering online. You could also go through the online reviews to see how the company treats its existing clients. You cannot expect the company to handle you in a different manner from the way it treats other clients.


Pricing is important because you don’t want any form of exploitation from a retailer. Do some window shopping and identify the dealer who offers the lowest prices for the best products. However, don’t compromise on the quality of the second-hand bag you buy in pursuit for low prices. You need a high-quality product because cheap can be expensive in the long run.


Finally, but from a retailer who has been on the market long enough. Such a seller can advise you on the best product depending on the purpose of the second-hand designer bag. Remember they have been dealing with different clients and have first-hand information from current users. They also know the best suppliers of high-quality bags or fabric. Experience plays a critical role in making sure that you get the best second-hand designer bag.

Top Reasons for Purchasing Furniture Online

Furniture is a prominent part of the homestead and owning one is a prominent way of getting immense joy and pleasure. Nevertheless, purchasing furniture is not easy especially when you do not have info on finishes and type of wood for producing specific furniture type. Just as human life, the trend of purchasing furniture is quickly evolving and the new trend involves purchasing these items online such as buying from

If you have a plan of purchasing custom made kitchen cabinet or sofa for your home, doing it online does not come in your mind first, you would rather try out other online shopping options. Unlike the olden times when you would look for a carpenter to customize your furniture from home, today you would not opt for the same option. Visiting a local furniture store in the city will also not give you the best discounts or products at the end of the day.

Although you decide to put in a lot of effort, some customers will get dissatisfied when the delivery man arrives with the furniture they have been looking forward to receive. It is bad to receive the items in a state you did not expect. If you do not want to regret buying your furniture from the local store, buying them online will give you the best outcome that you cannot find anywhere else. Below are some of the advantages you will get when you purchase furniture online.

Time saving and simple

One of the accepted and best known advantage that you will get when you purchase online is quite simple and time-saving. If you have internet access and you know how to use it to get the product you want, you will end up getting the right product that will make your shopping experience enjoyable. When you buy these items online, you will not waste time traversing through stores or stand for many hours waiting for the right piece of furniture to be produced. All you will do is to connect your PC or device to the internet and you will access all the best products from the online store. Buying your items online will help you save on time you need to settle on the product you want and what you need is to wait for the right person to deliver it at your doorstep.

Lower costs due to extreme competition

The current state of the online furniture market is facing competition due to the presence of many stores. Extreme competition is a recipe of lowering the prices and thus increasing sales. No one would pay more for a kitchen cabinet in Malaysia if they can get at affordable prices from another supplier. Stiff competition is growing because the number of online shops is on the increase. The seller and buyer will benefit from an increase because there will be reduced costs and increased sales.

Reaching a global market

The online furniture market is global and will continue to grow with time. The primary advantage of buying online is the ability to access several stores. You will end up choosing the store that gives the lowest price for the best product. Using the internet to search for the custom made products for your home will ensure that you get a good deal.

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